Up-converter with filters to receive 0 to 2 MHz with output on 40 MHz.

Software Defined Radio receivers

RTL dongle/USB stick with Rafael Micro R820T2 chip for 24 MHz to 1766 MHz

Screenshot with HDSDR software to receive 0 to 2 MHz

Up-converter circuit diagram and printed circuit boards.

Bandpass filter 40 to 42 MHz feeding a RTLdongle/USB stick tuned for 40 to 42 MHz and connected to the USB connection of a computer to receive 0 to 2 MHz

Lowpass filter 0 - 2MHz



HF amplifier with BFW16A for 10 kHz to 70 MHz


  HF Amplifier

SBL1 Mixer with 40 MHz oscillator module

Bandpassfilter 40 to 42 MHz